2 Key Points For Writing A Good Essay

Respect their structure, choose an interesting topic and include personal reflections are some of the key points. If you’re not feeling confident, you can use PremiumPapers.

It is very common when writing an essay all the ideas we had were vanish and the mind goes blank. That’s why people use services like PremiumPapers. To achieve ordered ideas, it is important to know the structure of this type of paper, but there are also other factors that influence their quality. Here we present 2 tips to keep in mind to get it right:

1.    Have a good essay structure


Introduction, Body, Conclusion. These are the three parts of the essay that must ALWAYS be present. In short essays (300 words or less) you can get away with only using three paragraphs, but in most essays your introduction will be one paragraph, your body will be several paragraphs and your conclusion will be a single paragraph. This is because your introduction and conclusion only state the bare minimum whereas your body should contain all of the explanations and facts.

2.    Be credible

You need to give your opinion and then a fact to back it up. A good way to structure the individual paragraphs is by using the PEE method. This stands for Point, Explain, Example. For example: “Game of Thrones is a great TV show. Many people enjoy watching it. It has won many awards.” Of course, your paragraphs should be much longer than three sentences and have varying sentence structure to keep it interesting to read.

Your sources should always be cited and you cannot rely on websites such as Wikipedia for accurate facts. The use of Wikipedia in an academic essay automatically means that the essay is not credible in any way whatsoever.