Get Games for Cheaper

One of the things we all want is to get the things that we want to watch or play for a price that is lower than what is being advertised. Now if you are someone who really likes to play games on their computer, you are probably already aware of the fact that you can buy these games from online stores such as Origin and Steam. And you may have seen that plenty of sales happen on these game stores throughout the year, which can really reduce the price you have to pay. But what you did not know is that you can get an even better deal on games through other sites.

There are many “CD Key” sites that are specializing in selling you CD keys for the games that you want to buy on these online stores. So the process works in the following way:

  1. You will go to the website that is selling CD keys and you will see if the price they have for the game is different from what is listed on Steam or Origin. In most cases, you should save at least $10 or more on the price. When you complete your purchase, you are told that you will get your CD key in the mail. If it is a pre-order, the key comes when the game is released. If the game is out, you should have your key within a few minutes of your payment going through.
  2. When the key is in your possession at your email address, or on a link that came in your email, you simply need to go to the store where you were going to buy the game originally, such as Origin or Steam, and enter the CD code in the given spot. When you enter the code, it will recognize it and begin installing your game!